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The paranormal P.I's are a mother & daughter  and our newest member, Amber (Medium) team of experienced paranormal investigators. We are from Central Minnesota . We cover Minnesota and the borders of surrounding states. If we are unable to help you, we will refer you to another paranormal group.

​Karen founded the Paranormal P.I'S in 2009. A seasoned investigator of over 20 years.​
​​We are skeptics and we are believers.
​We are professional, discreet, honest , but most importantly we are here to help others.
​There are NO experts in the field of Paranormal Phenomena. We strive​ to do our very best at each and every investigation.​​
We do not charge for an​ investigation.​​
​We do extensive research on the property and the occupants before every Investigation. Research can validate or dismiss claims of paranormal activity. Most times we can tell from the first investigation​ if​​ there is a true haunting.​ We enter your home/business with open minds, looking for logical answers to your paranormal claims.
​All evidence is the property of the clients and the paranormal P.I.S'. If we have any doubts about any of our data it will NOT be used. The client will be given all findings (if any) after the review. Please allow a few weeks for the review. There are hours and hours to go over on several different pieces of equipment. At this point our responsibility will end. If we find you DO need additional help we will put you in touch with an organization that may be able to help you resolve your issue.​ There are no guarantees
 The many thousands of reports from all over the world leave little doubt that haunting experiences are quite real. But what causes them and why? Here are some theories/examples
The traditional view of ghosts is that they are the spirits of dead people that for some reason are "stuck" between this plane of existence and the next, often as a result of some tragedy or trauma. Many ghost hunters and psychics believe that such earth-bound spirits don't know they are dead. Veteran ghost hunter Hans Holzer wrote, "A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition. We are all spirits encased in a physical body. At the time of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on."

Intelligent Hauntings​​

Also known as "intelligent hauntings," these ghosts exist in a kind of limbo state in which they haunt the scenes of their deaths or locations that were pleasant to them in life. Very often, these types of ghosts are able to interact with the living. They are, on some level, aware of the living and react to being seen on the occasions that they materialize. Some psychics claim to be able to communicate with them. And when they do, they often try to help these spirits to understand that they are dead and to move on to the next stage of their existence.


Some ghosts appear to be mere recordings on the environment in which they once existed. A Civil War soldier is seen on repeated occasions staring out a window at a house where he once stood guard. A dead child's laughter is heard echoing in a hallway where she often played. There are even cases of ghost cars and trains that can still be heard and sometimes seen, even though they are long gone. These types of ghosts do not interact with or seem to be aware of the living. Their appearance and actions are always the same. They are like spirit-level recordings - residual energies - that replay over and over again
"The boundaries between life and death are at best vague. Who shall say where one ends and the other begins"..
              EDGAR ALLAN POE
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Can ghosts follow you from place to place?  As a general rule, human spirits normally do not follow people from location to location. Most seem to be drawn to or attached to a building or area. They will remain there regardless of who is living there. Some of the occupants will know there is a spirit present and others, who are less sensitive, will not. The location could have been the spirits home, a favorite place or the scene of it's death. There are a few exceptions to this rules and a few of them are as follows:

Relatives: Deceased relatives may return to visit the living and they are not bound by location. Even an earthbound relative who has remained here for reasons that link it to a living relative may follow that person. Spirits of close friends also fall into this category.

Sensitives or Psychics: People who are sensitive to spirits may have encounters in different location. Often these people assume that the first place they lived was haunted and the spirits have followed them to a new home. What may be happening is that the person is sensitive to spirits and they are now seeing new spirits in this new location. Many people are unaware that they are sensitive and just assume that these places are haunted. Spirits are everywhere, and they are drawn to people who are sensitive to them.

Haunted Objects: Spirits can also be attached to objects. It could be a favorite chair, family heirloom, anything that person valued greatly in life. Antique dealers often come across items that people claim are haunted. If the spirit in your home is attached to an object and you take that object with you when you move, the spirit comes along too.
 Can ghosts follow you?