​​The Paranormal P.I'S are a mother daughter team from the Central Minnesota area. We also have a guest medium. The Paranormal P.I'S were founded in 2009.​  Karen, founder and lead investigator has been investigating for over 30 yrs. We are professional, dedicated, discreet,  but most importantly we are here to help others. There are NO experts in the Paranormal field. We strive to do our very best at each and every investigation. Confidentiality is most important to us. Before an investigation we do extensive research on the property, structure/building, and previous and present owners/renters. We then set up a time/date for the investigation. We use some of the latest equipment in our investigations. We are skeptics/believers, we will try to find a natural causes for any disturbance. If we can't debunk something  then we may consider it to be paranormal. If any of our video/data is questionable it WILL NOT BE USED. Once the investigation has ended we will review all evidence and (if any), give the client copies and a written report of our findings. Our responsibilities will end there. We are there to investigate and document any activity .We don't do exorcisms, but we have a guest medium that does blessings and house cleansing s. If we feel you need further assistance, we would suggest you contact a member of your Church or Faith.
           Types of Haunting s 

It is necessary to explain the different types of haunting phenomenon. When it comes to ghosts and spiritual phenomenon, no two hauntings are the same. The following headings will shed some light on the different types of hauntings.

                Residual Haunting

In many incidences of spirit encounters, people have reported seeing the ghost or ghosts who do not interact with living people or with the environment around them. They seem to be oblivious of the startled people who happen upon them, and may even walk through solid objects. Also, these ghosts will perform the same actions every time they are seen, and may even only show up at certain times of the day, the month, or even the year.

This is a classic example of a residual haunting. Paranormal investigators believe that this type of haunting is not a true spirit, but rather the residual echo of actions which take place in that particular location. Most often, these actions involved a lot of emotional energy being released at one time; usually around or at the point of someone's death. Residual hauntings can often be found on old battlefields, old homes, and other historic locations.

Since this type of haunting is not intelligent (i.e., it will not try to talk to you or rattle doors or chains) they are generally the easiest to cope with.

Intelligent Haunt

The second type of haunting is a sentient specter, or a spirit. Unlike a residual haunting, a true spirit can (and usually will) interact with its environment. This means that it may talk to a living person as well as even leave written messages and move small items around. More will be said about the moving of physical objects in the next section.

The behavior of an ghost varies greatly, much like people in general. Some spirits are elusive and may never be seen by many who work or dwell in a haunted location. Other spirits may seek the attention of the living by appearing to people. Spirits can also make their presence known invisibly; some people can actually sense them. Ever been up late at night studying and felt like someone was looking over your shoulder, just to see no one there when you turn to look?

Some spirits can also be helpful. There have been reports from different locations around the world of ghosts that will clean up a house or an apartment while the people are away at work! Ghosts have been known to have an attachment to a place, an object, or even a person.


Of all of the types of hauntings, the poltergeist is perhaps the most ambiguous. Poltergeists, or "noisy spirits," can move small objects around and make noise. Poltegeists, like ghostly phenomenon in general, have been reported all over the world.

So what makes a poltergeist different from a ghost? Simply put, not all poltergeists are true spirits. In some instances, poltergeist activity may be the result of environmental activity, such as high levels of electromagnetic energy in an area. Some paranormal researchers such as Hans Holzer and Brad Steiger imply that this activity may be the result of psychic projections from one of the people involved.


This last type of haunting is the worst by far. It goes by many other names throughout the world: elemental, deva, djinn, and countless other local names. In simplest terms, the universal definition of a demon is a spirit which was never human. Demons can inhabit a structure in numerous ways. It can be attracted there by dark magic rituals, by acts of violence, or by being summoned.

Sometimes, people who play with ouija boards can summon a demon and not even realize it. In February of 2009, a speaker at Le Festival D'Espirits, a paranormal convention held at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, told how a demon which she communicated with via ouija board passed itself off as the ghost of a pre-teenage boy that died (it should be noted that she was not seeking to speak with a demon, but with her deceased grandmother). It was not long after that night that she and her children were terrorized by the demon. It took several exorcisms to rid her house of the evil.

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The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

                    Edgar Allan Poe
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The theory is that spirits consist of pure energy, so they draw from similar sources around them. like a paper towel on top of a spill. They just soak it up.

​​What is that cold spot we sometimes feel when investigating an allegedly haunted location?

Many believe the cold air is the spirit itself, however, the cold could be caused when an entity pulls from the heat and energy of a room in order to manifest, make a sound or move an object.

Spirits are also believed to pull energy from electronic and battery-powered equipment found in homes or used by paranormal investigators. This drain can cause equipment to stop working, which is why it is always important for investigators to bring along plenty of extra batteries.

Grant Wilson, co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), penned an article titled, “Bring Batteries,” for the TAPS website, explaining a bit of the phenomenon.

“You’re probably asking why ‘extra’ batteries?,” Wilson wrote. “Well, something interesting tends to happen when you’re chasing spooks. You see, these ghosts take a lot of energy to manifest themselves either through sight, sound or touch. They can’t make this energy, they need to gather it from somewhere in order to get your attention. So, why not target your conveniently packaged power cells?”

Doug Hogate Jr., founder of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (JUMPS), said, in theory, spirits use any existing energy in the atmosphere when attempting to manifest themselves.

“In the case of investigating a location, some of the energy a spirit can use is from the batteries in our devices,” Hogate said. “I don’t believe they are choosing to use the energy specifically from those batteries, but only drawing in any energy in the area.”

Electronic and battery-powered devices aren’t the only items sometimes drained of their energy, Wilson said, nothing that after an intense night of hunting, an investigator may feel extremely tired due to the energy the “ghosties have been pulling out of you all night long.”

Hogate said he has experienced this physical drain on several occasions.

“I have investigated locations where, by the end of the night, you feel completely drained and exhausted,” he said. “Now, of course, we are investigating in the late hours of the night. However, if you experience this and, in return, capture several pieces of evidence, that drain could have potentially been caused by the activity.”

Hogate said while both battery and physical drain can be frustrating, allowing spirits access to that energy has “resulted in some incredible pieces of evidence.

“Batteries can be replaced and investigators can rest,” he said. “Great pieces of paranormal evidence don’t come so easy.”
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“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

                Stuart Chase